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Printed Circuits boards

Electronics engineering is in ARA’s genes. Since the founder of ARA made a electronic control for the egg processing industry, electronics development and production has been the pillar of our company. From a single transistor in the 1960s to PC on chip modules in the year 2020, we’ve done it. We now supply electronics (now embedded hard and software) products for various markets such as: medical, machine building, agriculture and semiconductor.

Ara has a team of engineers equipped to develop electronic products. Our embedded hard and software specialists would be happy to get in touch with you to discuss the most diverse applications of electronics.

Application areas of custom electronics (PCB):

  • Medical, because of requirements, but also design and specific challenges to monitor bodily functions, for example.
  • Agriculture, many sensor interfaces and links with vehicle control systems.
  • Mechanical engineering, replacement for PLC (due to cost price), sensor signal conditioning and interfaces with fieldbus systems and / or multi-axis motion controllers.
  • Diverse, actually the largest group, outside of toys, communication, wireless data loggers, wireless battery charging system, super accurate voltage sources, high accurate calorie (energy) meters, pinball machine. etc.
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